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What is TrekMiles?

Why TrekMiles and what is cryptocurrency?

Why Invest in TrekMiles Coins (TMC)?

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Q: As 50% of profits from advertising income and TMC sales goes to charity, what will you do with the rest of the income?

A: Develop our technology and organise walking events.

Q: What does 'NOT YET ISSUED' mean on the History page - When do the TMC get issued?

A: TMC are on the Ethereum blockchain. Every transaction has a fee, paid in ETH. To keep our transaction costs to a minimum TMC are minted in batches once a week on Sunday evening or early Monday morning depending on where you are in the world.

Q: Why has my gold coin turned back to grey?

A: The aim of the project is to motivate people to keep fit every week. On Monday all coins are grey. As you trek during the week the coins turn blue. After you have done a trek, if a coin is blue, you can spin it and receive your rewards, then it turns gold. The aim is to trek six miles in a week for a person in good health. (If you have health problems then please consult your doctor as to how many miles you should aim for, and confirm you are well enough to benefit from using our app). At the end of the week TMC are minted based on how many miles have been trekked, and your history page is updated so you can see the transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. On Monday the coins turn back to grey to begin trekking again.

Q: Can I see my trek on a map?

A: Our app can work alongside other exercise tracking apps if you already have them, it is not meant to replace them. From our beta testing feedback, people who describe themselves as 'someone who feels they don't exercise enough and want to be motivated to do so', encouragement to make small changes like walking to the shops instead of taking the car, or walking the dog round the block a few extra times, was what is important. The six mile a week goal instead of a map achieves this. It also means our app is very simple to use, and it uses as little battery as possible.

Q: Is there an iOS version of the TrekMiles App / Does it work with FitBit?

A: We plan to support more devices in the future. Please connect with the TrekMiles community for project updates.

Q: When I click start trekking, it says I need to turn on my GPS which I already did? - I get the message "GPS not updating"

A: This does happen from time to time when the GPS service on the phone stalls. Switching the phone off and on again usually clears it. We have also added a reset GPS feature to our app.

Q: Why is there no login - What data does TrekMiles collect?

A: Our app uses your GPS data only when you are trekking. It does not transmit it over the internet. Once you are done trekking, and you spin the coin, the app deletes the GPS data it used from your phone. We do not collect your email address for trekking so we cannot identify who trekked or where they were when they trekked. If our network was ever compromised by hackers, they would not be able to identify you either as we simply don't collect that data. This is why there is no login. We take your privacy seriously.

Once your trek is complete and you are ready to collect your reward we have partnered with a large, well-established company and you can read their privacy policy on their website. Your trek and wallet data is not shared with them, only that you have trekked a mile and deserve a reward.

If you uninstall then reinstall our app you will not be able to get your trekking history back.

Q: What about fraudulent exercisers? What other protections are in place?

We agree that any system that can be gamed economically will be, so we have designed ours so there's no point in doing so at all. Our community members spin/mint virtual coins into charity wallets, not there own. These are then available to be sold to investors after they have been exchanged for a real money contribution to charity. But hackers are what they are, so we will continue to develop binary protections etc. in our app.

Q: Does the TrekMiles idea turn the pay-per-step idea upside down?

A: Yes. The community members who create the TMC don't necessarily keep them. They are spun into charity wallets then sold to raise money for charity.

If our community members would like to have some TMC in their own wallet, then they can have some bought for them as a reward by our reward advertising partners.

Q: Why are TMC on the Ethereum Blockchain? Why does the project have a time limit?

A: TMC are on the Ethereum blockchain so they will exist after the project has ended. Ethereum is decentralised, it is not controlled by us.

The project is for a limited time to limit the supply of TMC. This will make them rare and hopefully valuable.

Q: We are a company and would like to sponsor a TrekMiles event.
Q: We are a charity and would like to use TrekMiles for an event.

A: Sponsored events encourage people to keep fit, especially when trekking for a cause that is close to one's heart. If you would like to sponsor an event please contact us via david[at] There is a 6 mile a day limit for each device so our app fits nicely with a 10k fun run. TrekMiles is about sustained encouragement to keep fit.

We are keen to pursue combining corporate sponsorship with charity events.

Q: What is a 5 by 5 event?

A: Trek 5 miles in 5 weeks. Contributing to a 5 by 5 event is meant to suggest the sponsor gets the TrekMiles idea loud and clear :)

5 by 5 events last for up to 5 weeks. For every 5 miles trekked a donation is pledged of a set amount, say 2.50 dollars. The event has a maximum budget set by the sponsor, so they can end early. At the end of the event the donation is made to the sponsor's chosen charity. So the trekker is being sponsored to exercise, and knows how much they are raising for the charity, in this case 50 cents per mile. The sponsors money goes to charity and along the way it encourages people to keep fit at the same time.

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