What is Trek Miles?

TrekMiles is motivational exercise app. Be rewarded for keeping fit.

TrekMiles is a virtual currency. Generate TMC by trekking.

TrekMiles is a community. Donate TMC to a good cause and make the world a better place.

Be sponsored to keep fit for charity wherever you are in the world, whenever you want to.

The TrekMiles idea is to motivate people to take regular exercise. More than 20 Million Britons are 'physically inactive'. So this is about sustained encouragement to keep fit.

How our app, currency and community all fit together can start to be explained through seeing what the app does:

Go outside and touch 'Start Trekking' on the app, then put your phone away and walk/trek/jog/run at least one mile. As you pass a mile marker you will hear a 'ka-ching' sound. Keep going until you are done, you don't need to stop to do anything with the app until you finish your exercise.

The app runs in the background using as little battery as possible. It can work alongside your existing exercise tracking apps. It uses your GPS data only when you are trekking. There is no login as we do not collect your personal data. Your GPS data is not transmitted over the internet either, only how fast you were trekking and the time you completed the mile.

Touch 'Stop Trekking' when you are done. You still don't need to have data access to the internet at this point, but for every time you completed a mile of exercise and heard a 'ka-ching' you will see an image of a blue coin.

Later, when you have internet access, touch the blue coin to get your reward. The coin spins and turns gold. The reward may just be something fun, such as an image to motivate you and say well done. It could also be a special offer that's just for you, say a free glass of juice in a nearby cafe.

If you have no interest in virtual currency, all you need to know is that 50% of profits go to charity, as we are a social enterprise. We also have sponsored events where you can be sponsored to trek. So come and join us in keeping fit, be rewarded, and make the world a better place.

Trek a mile, earn virtual currency and get a reward.

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To further understand the TrekMiles idea, please read Why TrekMiles and what is cryptocurrency?

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